Recommended JAVA version: 1.8 (x64 bit)

Downloadable Files

Client Launcher.jar

The client launcher will always keep your client up-to-date!

Our Launcher will auto-magically detect your Machine's Information and download the best client version that suits it.

If for some reason it fails to launch, join our Discord and a staff member will be happy to help you out!


If for some reason the client does not open with your default JAVA version, run this tool as an administrator and it will auto-magically fix your JAVA registries!


- Account stuck logged in
Accounts get auto-kicked after 50 in-game ticks to prevent x-logging. If your account is still online, contact a staff member.

- Can't login: 'Velheim is being updated, please refresh'
It means that the server is currently being updated, wait 5-10 minutes and try again.

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