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Sandstorm 11 Jul at 13:11
Update Logs #25 - Grand Exchange changes & Misc. changes/fixes

Hello hello, good morning, good evening!

    I'd like to start off by explaining my sudden lack of activity and where I've been. So.. on 4th of July I was taken away by police, had to serve 7 days for something I did a year ago and released just 2 hours before as I'm making this topic. All in all - I'm back, expect more updates in the upcoming days; let's make Velheim great again :).


Grand Exchange

  • Grand Exchange View Listings option will now display items in descending order (starting from the most recent addition);
  • You will now be able to auto-sell your items to the Grand Exchange instantly for 1/5th of the items price;
  • Formatted how quantity and prices were displayed on the interface; cleaned up the code and added col
Sandstorm 30 Jun at 20:13
Top Voters of June
Top Voters for June
  • #1 [member=shadowclaw] - 248;
  • #2 [member=wille] - 221;
  • #3 [member=jdf] - 209;
  • #4 [member=MrSwee] - 198;
  • #5 [member=God] - 135.

Each of them will receive a Christmas cracker on their account; Thank you for sticking around and supporting us :).




Sandstorm 29 Jun at 14:20
Update Logs #24 - The Magister boss & More

The Magister
Introducing Sophanem Slayer dungeon's new boss - The Magister!

  • Requirements to fight him: level 115 Slayer and a key of the crossing, obtained as drop from one of the monsters within the dungeon;
  • I tried and made him as close to how he is in RuneScape 3 (with additional exceptions of which you'll notice when fighting him);
  • He drops phylacteries which you may smash open to obtain scraps of scripture, which then can be crafted into 3 different kinds of blessings at level 92 Crafting. 3 blessings and a khopesh of the kharidian can be combined into a brand new tier 92 one-handed melee stab weapon - khopesh of tumeken! The new khopesh lasts 60'000 charges in combat, can be dyed and repaired at Bob;
  • Magister also introduces a pair of
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